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Hobo Joe Welcome Buckeye Arizona

Hobo Joe's Location in Downtown Buckeye

King of The Road

Designed by former Walt Disney Company Animator, Jim Casey, Hobo Joe was the face behind a chain of coffee shops bearing his name.

Originating right here in Arizona by Herb Applegate in 1965, the chain grew to eight locations throughout the Phoenix Metro Area before closing in the late 1980’s.

Fiberglass molding craftsman, Marvin Ransdell was commissioned to make the casting molds needed to build booths and statues for Hobo Joe restaurants throughout the Valley. Creating a mold from Jim Casey’s sculpture, Marvin cast 2 large Hobo’s including our 25 foot statue which now proudly overlooks Main Street in Downtown Buckeye. After casting, Jim Casey’s girlfriend, Elaine Polley completed the work by lending here artistic talents to the task of painting the statues.

Due to a series of events, Buckeye’s Hobo Joe stayed with Marvin who later gifted the large sculpture to his good friend Ramon Gillum in 1989. The rest is history…


Moving Day

Forced to relocate when Mr. Gillium’s property was sold in 2016, Hobo Joe went into seclusion for 4 years. On July 26th 2016, Hobo Joe began his move from 1015 Monroe Ave to his new home on 5th Street in the heart of Historic Downtown Buckeye, Arizona. Now living just South of Monroe Ave., Hobo Joe’s new home was graciously donated by the John F. Youngker Family.


Restoring the 25 foot tall fiberglass statue was an arduous process spanning nearly 4 years. Originally painted by Elaine Polley, thirty years of intense Arizona sunshine faded Hobo Joe to a pale version of his former self. The Buckeye Main Street Coalition employed the help of local crafts people who dedicated countless hours to bring Hobo Joe back to life.
During the desert heat of Summer in 2018, Justin Crowley & Port Heiden began the process of sandblasting Hobo Joe.
Next, Mike Royal undertook the task of handpainting Hobo Joe and bringing him back to life.

Thank You

The Buckeye Main Street Coalition lovingly restored Hobo Joe to his former glory as a gift to Downtown Buckeye to be enjoyed for generations to come. Through the passion of volunteers & donors, Hobo Joe returned to his post as mascot of Downtown Buckeye, Arizona in 2020. We would like to give a special thank you to our departed board members Ron Noble and Charlene Powers Broadbent who championed for Hobo Joe every step of the way.
A world traveler, philosopher and connoisseur of good food; our beloved Hobo Joe made Buckeye, Arizona his home 30 years ago. Until 2016, Hobo Joe welcomed Buckeye residents and visitors from outside Gillium’s Meat Locker Company formerly located just off Monroe Avenue on the East side of Downtown Buckeye, Arizona.

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