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Mission Statement

Preserving the past, Preparing for future

The Buckeye Main Street Coalition was established nearly three decades ago in 1989, by a group of dedicated Buckeye residents, who felt that it was their responsibility to help protect and maintain the renowned Main Street of Downtown Buckeye, Arizona. In addition to passionate local citizens, the group was also comprised of business owners, mothers, and fathers who had a vested interest in ensuring that the heart of their community would continue to thrive for years to come. The Buckeye Main Street Coalition prides itself on being a volunteer-operated non-profit organization that operates under the coveted 501c3 ID #86-061546. With an unwavering commitment to the enduring heritage of Buckeye, the Coalition works hard to ensure that the Main Street continues to provide a vibrant and prosperous hub for local citizens and visitors alike.

Buckeye Mainstreet Leadership

The Buckeye Main Street Coalition was formed in 1989 by a group of passionate Buckeye residents, business owners, mothers and fathers who wanted to help preserve the Main Street Downtown Buckeye, Arizona. For more than 3 decades, volunteers have donated their time, creativity and talent to helping the business’ and residents of Historic Downtown Buckeye through events, promotion and beautification of Monroe Ave.