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Buckeye, Arizona

Plans to Revitalize Downtown Buckeye

The city of Buckeye is currently working on revitalizing downtown Buckeye with several initiatives. The city government has focused on collaborating with local businesses to improve sidewalk aesthetics, increase street lighting, and enhance building facades. Downtown Buckeye is also home to a popular farmers’ market which is set to relocate to a new, more accessible location. There are also plans to add a community garden and a new park to create areas where people can come together and enjoy outdoor recreational activities. The city hopes that these efforts will help attract new businesses and residents to downtown Buckeye, creating a more vibrant and thriving community.

About Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition

The Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition has had a significant impact on downtown Buckeye, AZ. It has worked hard towards revitalizing the area and promoting economic growth. Its efforts have led to several new businesses opening up in the region, and the community has seen an increase in foot traffic and tourism. The coalition has also spearheaded various renovation projects that have enhanced the overall appearance and functionality of the downtown area. Additionally, it has hosted several events and activities that bring residents and visitors together, contributing to the vibrancy and sense of community of downtown Buckeye.

Preserving History

Buckeye MainStreet Coalition is dedicated to preserving the historical downtown of Buckeye, AZ. Since 1989, the organization has worked tirelessly to revitalize and maintain the area, thereby contributing to the economic and cultural growth of the city. By promoting events and attractions that draw crowds to the charming center of Buckeye, the coalition has ensured that the area remains an important part of the community. They have also provided grants to support local businesses and created a Historic Preservation Committee to ensure that the area's rich heritage is not forgotten. Their efforts have not only benefited the present community, but also preserved the area for future generations.

Community Impact

The Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition works towards creating an inclusive and vibrant downtown area. By connecting local businesses, improving the quality of architecture and public areas, and increasing access to events and activities in the area, the coalition has brought a renewed sense of pride to the Buckeye residents.
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Make a Difference

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Featured Event Happening in Downtown Buckeye

Having a business in downtown Buckeye is both challenging and rewarding. The community is small and tight-knit, which fosters a sense of community among business owners. However, the competition can be stiff. Businesses need to offer unique products or services to stand out. The location also attracts many tourists, who are drawn to the charming and picturesque streets. This offers a great opportunity to showcase your business to a wider audience. Additionally, the town is constantly growing, providing an optimistic outlook for businesses in the future.

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A world traveler, philosopher and connoisseur of good food; our beloved Hobo Joe made Buckeye, Arizona his home 30 years ago. Until 2016, Hobo Joe welcomed Buckeye residents and visitors from outside Gillium’s Meat Locker Company formerly located just off Monroe Avenue on the East side of Downtown Buckeye, Arizona.