Talkin’ Trash

This week Hondo Jimenez and Buckeye Union High School Welding students are cutting, shaping and building 2 of the 4 steel cut structures to go along with custom fabricated trash cans.  This project started in 2017 as part of the 4th Street and Monroe roadway intersection beautification project.

Steel Barrel Cactus Trash Can Art to be located at the SE corner of 4th Street and Monroe




Zachery Shamblin and Hondo Jimenez

Zachery and Alejandro are figuring out how the Roadrunner wings could be welded in place. Maybe one wing up and one down. They are winging it.

Steel Ocotillo Trash Can Art to be located at the NW corner of 4th Street and Monroe







Steel Prickly Pear Trash Can Art to be located at the SW corner of 4th Street and Monroe








L to R: Zachery Shamblin and Chase Simmons











The photo above is the steel Prickly Pear pads. The pads will be tack welded initially so the students can study the composition before the final welding. The overall prickly pear structure cannot overhang the steel plate it will be attached to at the base.

Steel Saguaro Trash Can Art to be located at the NE corner of 4th Street and Monroe







The students are making steel art for their downtown. The Buckeye Union High School they attend is in walking distance to the steel structures.  We thank them for all the dedication and time spent on this worthwhile project make one more step close to attracting more activity and visitors to Historic Downtown Buckeye, Arizona.



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