Helzarockin’ Gem & Mineral Show

Helzarockin’ Gem & Mineral Show

Rockin' & Shopping Poster

Discover Arizona’s treasures as the West Valley Rock and Mineral Club presents an array of amazing rocks, gems, and minerals found in our region and beyond.


Open Friday – Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Final Day Sunday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Shop for Jewelry

Pan for Gold

Scavenger Hunt

Adult Tickets $3 at the door
Children under 13 are Free

Helzarockin' Gem & Mineral Show

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Horton Holds Up Helzarockin’

Bill and Lin Horton made a big splash at Helzarockin’ Gem & Mineral Show last year! Misty Mountain is the name of their company and they arrived with a huge RV. I never thought I would ever care so much about EZUP tent anchor techniques. The Hortons are the masters of not only making beautiful jewelry with rocks and minerals but they know a lot about how to REALLY stake down a tent. Bill pulled out a stake that you could anchor a cruise ship with. I like that they are from Litchfield Park, practically neighbors for our West Valley Show coming up soon, October 11-13 of 2019.

What attracted you to live here in Litchfield Park, Arizona? Lin Horton:We wanted to move out of town with less traffic and crowds yet be relatively close to downtown.


When did you first start making jewelry? LH: Bill’s first rock show was the Pow wow in Quartzsite and ever since then he knew he wanted to be part of that world.  

What are your thoughts on jewelry made from rocks and gems? LH: You can still find the traditional styles but if you want something truly unique that you don’t see at the mall stores or that is manufactured in mass quantities overseas then this is the place to shop. Promise you will find something with just the right bling and guaranteed to cause a flood of compliments.

Misty Mountain Gem & Mineral

Who inspires you the most in the rock and gem world? LH: We both think the jewelry made by local craftsmen and jewelry found at the club shows are unique in both style and material