Old Cars Driving Again

Stream lined steel against prickly saguaros bouncing along a lonely highway in a Chevy Apache truck with Duane Eddy, Hard Times playing on the radio.  Where did this 1950’s Task Force classic go in Arizona?  How many drive in movies, construction sites or big flat tires in the middle of nowhere did it carry? This truck supposedly came originally from California and rode out to Arizona and then bought from Donnie Gideon of Arizona Gin Supply.

Donnie Gideon of Buckeye

Arizona Gin Supply has been rebuilding cotton gins in Buckeye and world wide since 1973.  With his Get It Done Right spirit, Donnie was able to bring this 1959 Chevrolet Apache Truck back to the living!

Stacy Gideon at Arizona Gin Supply

“We just started tearing things apart and fixing what we could”, says Donnie when he first bought the truck in 2016.  All the body parts are original. Nothing had to be after market. The body was sanded down, primed and painted indigo blue. There were redundant power wires that had to be pulled out and a new fuse box was installed.   “There are a few employees at O’Reilly Auto Parts that really know older vehicles!” said Donnie when he revealed where he bought the majority of the parts for this Work Force Truck fix up.

Before Restoration

Donnie, who likes the feel of an old car but still wants to be safe, added subtle things to the engine that you would never see unless you pop the hood. If someone walked up to the truck it would take them a minute to realize original features have been changed.  He added custom flame brackets, blue accent lights, air conditioning and other safety features to the truck.  He restored the truck back to the 50’s as best he could.

Custom Steel Flame


“It’s got the original 235 engine. These trucks you don’t drive you, YOU herd them between the lines.”, said Donnie.

Custom Bracket Holds Everything In

He put a lot of money and time into the suspension, he didn’t want to loose all the hard work just because he hit a pot hole.  Donnie depends on the experts like Alyron Customs of Tonopah, AZ who do upholstery and Guillermo Lopez, 623-449-2608 Auto & Diesel mechanic of Buckeye, Arizona.  Donnie also works with Contempo Upholstery located on the same property as Arizona Gin Supply.  Some parts also came from Napa Auto Parts of Buckeye.

Chevy Apache Interior

If your an automobilia fan like Donnie Gideon, you want to see more of these old cars driving on the road here in Historic Downtown Buckeye, Arizona. “There were some really cool cars driving in Buckeye in the 1950’s – we got to get them out driving again!”   Donnie and other Buckeye locals are starting up Buckeye Cruisers, a club for automobilia enthusiasts.


You will have your chance to drive your old car, truck, import, motorcycle or bicycle at the Buckeye Oktoberfest Car Show October 13, 2018 in front of Buckeye City Hall, 530 East Monroe Avenue, registration is 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. and the show ends at 1 p.m..

Written by: Lara R. Serbin


  1. Ron. Alyron. Customs

    Love your truck. Donnie great job. Your color choices and how you put that truck together just all looks amazing cant wait to see your next build. Redneck. Hillbilly


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