New Banner for La Placita Cafe


The new banner of the Sheriff and Boy is complete and installed at La Placita Cafe at 424 East Monroe Avenue in Buckeye, Arizona.  La Placita Café established in 1962 is owned and operated by Barbara Amabisca who became the owner with the late Joe Amabisca. The parking lot and street corner was spruced up this summer of 2015 with terra cotta stabilized granite to replace the bumpy dirt lot, desert cacti landscaping, and a new banner.



Daniel Estes, local contractor painted the existing pole and attached the hardware and banner just last weekend!


Levi and Curtis Beard of Absolute Screen Printing printed the banner and pounded in the grommets.


The artwork was done by local artist Loretta Musgrave. Musgrave’s oil paintings depict life in Buckeye. Some of her works include historic images of Historic Downtown Buckeye, the Buckeye Canal, sheep herder, cowboys and homesteaders of the early Buckeye Days. The Sheriff and Boy hangs inside La Placita and is a favorite of Barbara Amabisca.



The photo above is Loretta Musgrave dining at the La Placita Café at the last Buckeye Main Street Coalition Spring Mixer.

What makes La Placita Cafe unique?

Fresh quality ingredients.

Staff knows you by name or at least they make an effort to.

Reliable and classic dishes that turn into favorites.

(623) 386-4632, Mon.- Sat. 11am-9pm


  1. abigail cardew

    i love your restaurant because your enchiladas are the best in the whole world! i also love the paintings on the walls of the restaurant. Your chips and salsa and your cheese crisps are just so cheesy, delicious and crispy! Your high seated tables located in the bar area are perfectly arranged.

  2. Alicia Conde

    Hello Cousins! Love your sign just love it. I’m Alicia Conde my father is Alfred Amabisca Conde first cousin to Joe. Eat at the restaurant back in 2012. Outstanding food Barbara. Give my best to Eddie and Teresa!

    From McFarland, CA USA

  3. If the reviews are accurate, sounds like La Placita Café is the place to be for enchiladas. I love just about every kind of enchilada, but the real key for me is the enchilada shell. There are some differences between quality ones, average ones, and just plain lousy ones (just like there’s differences between a top electrician and a flop electrician). Love the artwork too!

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