Main Street Lessons from Past President Patrice Frey

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The Main Street America Conference in Richmond, Virginia has came and went! One of the events that is most inspiring year after year is the Opening Plenary Session. This usually takes place in some Grand Old Theatre of a major downtown. This year’s was a little different because the standing President of the entire National Main Street America was stepping down. Over the years we have grown to respect and appreciate Patrice Frey. So you say what is the Opening Plenary? A space to invite all the Main Street organizations who have traveled far and wide to attend the 3-4 day conference. Otherwise we main streeters just meet in our own little groups back home and believe we are the center of the universe.  Apparently, every main street organization that is worth anything believe they are at the center too.  As we wait seated with our friends, antique cherubs sit on balconies, groups of main streeters hold their state sign, and a proud mayor back lit on the stage welcomes us by saying, “Spend lots of money in my town!” The stage usually has a massive screen to showcase the GAMSA winners, those downtowns who are really thriving. Patrice Frey our fearless leader always inspired us with thought provoking slides and introduced captivating keynote speakers. Frey did leave us with some inspiring take away slides. Enjoy, share, and BE IT!

Wherever you are Patrice we wish you the best! Thank you for providing us with countless ways to make our main streets thrive!

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