Harold Lyon, Artist Contributes Bold Western Paintings

By: Lara Serbin, Buckeye Main Street Coalition

Buckeye Main Street Coalition has recently acquired enough Harold Lloyd Lyon original Western oil paintings to start an art gallery! Lyon, a Canadian artist hit his stride when he started painting rangy cowboys, vaqueros and Arizona desert landscape beginning in the 1980’s.

cowboy   harold_jeffrey

Naturally, Lyon would be drawn to Historic Downtown Buckeye, Arizona living in his current Goodyear residence. After meeting Lyon initially, Dorothy Lockard, a Buckeye Main Street Coalition member confided, ”He’s a believer!” Lyon’s career is full of revitalization efforts like wall murals in Chemainus Vancouver Island British Columbia.

jeff_paintings   IMG_4236

Lyon believes “When one great artist contributes work it attracts other artists to show what they can do.”  The paintings he has generously donated to Buckeye Main Street Coalition will be displayed in Buckeye public buildings soon. He has donated boxes of oil paints, easels and copies of his self-published classic, “Creating Illusions” that will be available for purchase.


  1. wayne karstetter

    That is so awesome.

  2. michele justice

    What a tremendous gift! now deciding how best to show, display and share!

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