Buckeye Days Steak Dinner and Auction

As deep stretched shadows crept into the night and the last ferocious bull returned to the chute, Dan Fowley the announcer of the Buckeye Days Senior Pro Rodeo belted out in his animated throaty style that it’s time for steak dinner and auction! Stands were packed to the brim last Saturday January 30th  at the Helzapoppin’ Arena on Miller Road in Downtown Historic Buckeye, Arizona which meant tons of hungry rodeo fans lining up for steak dinner at about 5 o’clock.  Marlyn Gregerson a retired Arizona Machinery employee, Sam Rose and Jay Sylvester of Buckeye Valley Fire District cooked thick cut steaks supplied by Butcher and Farmer Market over open fire.  This year like previous years the dinner and auction took place in the northwest corner edge of the Helzapoppin’ Arena, tables were arranged on a new concrete slab provided by the City of Buckeye. Displayed alongside the open air dining were about 130 auction items that rodeo fans could sum up while waiting for steaks to be grilled.


Buckeye Days Steak Dinner & Auction

Auction Items at the Steak Dinner

Buckeye Days Steak Dinner & Auction

Steak Dinner at Sunset Buckeye Days 2016

The Buckeye Days Auction is a fundraiser that benefits the Buckeye Rotary and Lions Clubs. Every dollar goes back to the community towards Buckeye Union High School District college scholarships. Items get donated by local businesses like Micaela Meraz who donated a piñata from the Carniceria Y Taqueria Durango.



Rachel Moses, hand-built bar for Auction


Micaela Meraz with her piñata for the Auction


Items such as artwork, collectibles, your brother’s bowie knife, power tools, tickets to local sporting events, gift baskets, and so much more were all donated.  Buckeye Days Auction also showcases local talent like Rachel Moses who built a bar made from reclaimed wood crates, redwood and corrugated metal. If you want to be entertained, come to next year’s Buckeye Days Steak Dinner Auction and feel good about items you purchase to help our kids go to higher education and have fun while you’re doing it!

 By: Lara Serbin, Buckeye Main Street Coalition

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