• Tell us what the float announcer should say about your business, organization or float. Example: Just like no two snowflakes are the same; family and friends with different ideas come together to put this float together.
  • Float Dimensions:
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  • Please read the Buckeye Day's Parade Regulations Document found on the tab to the right under "Parade Regulations"
  • Trophies for Mayor's Choice & Judge's Choice will be awarded.

    WAIVER: As a participant of the Buckeye Days Cattle Drive Parade, I enter at my own risk and agree that any loss or damage incurred by myself or my organization, including animals exhibited, vehicles or articles I may use for exhibit, will be my responsibility. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless for any claim whatsoever, all sponsoring organization, Buckeye Main Street Coalition and the City of Buckeye, County of Maricopa, State of Arizona or any representative or volunteer of these organizations. The foregoing shall indlude attorney's fees and other costs incurred by all sponsoring organizations, Buckeye Main Street Coalition and the City of Buckeye in defending against such claims.

Entries not abiding by these regulations may be removed by Parade Organizers and City of Buckeye personnel the day/evening of the event. 

Float drivers must possess a valid motor vehicle operators license and be adequately trained to drive their assigned float. Driver must have an unobstructed view of the roadway.

Float entries cannot exceed 13 feet in height or 12 feet in width. There is no float length restrictions.

(2) two walking float marshals required per float. Marshals are responsible for monitoring speed, distance between floats and preventing spectators from approaching float.

Battery or generator operated lighting may be used. Candles or open flames are prohibited. Generators or compressors must be securely mounted on a vehicle or other substantial base. A minimum of 12 inches clearance must separate any part of the generator and compressor from combustible material. Generators and compressors must be equipped with firmly attached exhaust systems that terminate either into a common exhaust servicing the vehicle, or in the same manner as vehicle exhaust.

A minimum of one 2A10BC type fire extinguisher must be provided on float. In an individual is in an enclosure, there must be one fire extinguisher inside and an additional extinguisher outside on the common area of the float.

Children under 8 years are not permitted to ride on an open float or vehicular unit unless held by an adult and secured by appropriate measures. Children walking must be at least 8 years old. Do not overload float with riders. Parade organizers reserve the right to determine the number of riders for safety concerns. 

Power supply in connection with the float must have ground fault protection.

Entries not abiding by these regulations may be removed by Parade Organizers and City of Buckeye personnel the evening of the event.