Harold Lyon, Artist Contributes Bold Western Paintings

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Our Tales | 12 comments

By: Lara Serbin, Buckeye Main Street Coalition

Buckeye Main Street Coalition has recently acquired enough Harold Lloyd Lyon original Western oil paintings to start an art gallery! Lyon, a Canadian artist hit his stride when he started painting rangy cowboys, vaqueros and Arizona desert landscape beginning in the 1980’s.

Naturally, Lyon would be drawn to Historic Downtown Buckeye, Arizona living in his current Goodyear residence. After meeting Lyon initially, Dorothy Lockard, a Buckeye Main Street Coalition member confided, ”He’s a believer!” Lyon’s career is full of revitalization efforts like wall murals in Chemainus Vancouver Island British Columbia.

Lyon believes “When one great artist contributes work it attracts other artists to show what they can do.”  The paintings he has generously donated to Buckeye Main Street Coalition will be displayed in Buckeye public buildings soon. He has donated boxes of oil paints, easels and copies of his self-published classic, “Creating Illusions” that will be available for purchase.


  1. wayne karstetter

    That is so awesome.

  2. michele justice

    What a tremendous gift! now deciding how best to show, display and share!

  3. Thomas W Childs

    Mr. Lyon,
    We never met, but I was in Vancouver living and working in the latter 60’s and was captured by your works in the Howe St (?) gallery where you had some of your works for sale.
    The chrysanthemums that I have enclosed a photo of has been one that wherever I lived (Canada, US , London UK etc. has been my favorite.
    Regrettably, I probably have to sell it. Your thoughts on where and at a price would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you
    Tom Childs

    • Dyana Lyon

      Hello Mr. Childs,
      You can reach me, regarding my father’s artwork at lulu223@outlook.com

      We also have a new website haroldlyonartwork.com

  4. Valry Coltharp

    Mr. Lyon,
    I have been an admirer of your art since I met you, with 2 other ladies, at your gallery in Scottsdale in early 1090’s. You told us there are three types of people who visit are galleries. Those who come to look, to buy and students. You said correctly you believed we were students. You did a quick sketchshowing form, movement, etc. I still treasure that sketch. Thank you for inspiring me. Val COLTHARP

  5. Mark Young

    Mr. Lyon:

    I have a print of yours….I THINK! Please, help me, sir.
    The print has no name….signed only by your last name “Lyon”. The 1977 signed print has two horses….showing their sides (both saddled) and backends with one cowboy (side view) at the head of a horse on right with his cowboy hat off. Another cowboy shows only his jeans and boots due to his/her body blocked by the horses; as he is in front of both horses. In the distance/background are mountains with mesa tops….the terrain looks very Southwest…. Are you the artist?

    What is the name of this painting?
    Who are the two cowboys? Where was this subject(s) taken/observed to paint such a scene?

    Do you have a website where I can purchase other works you have produced?

    Thanks, sir.

    Mark Young
    Bainbridge Island, WA
    CELL: 812.2192103

    • Lara Serbin

      I am not the artist but I know the contact for Harold Lyon, lyon@maingallery.com. Thank you.

  6. Mark Young

    Mr. Lyon:

    I need you to contact me, please.

    I am interested in your artwork.

    Mark Young
    Cell: 812.219.2103

    • Lara Serbin

      The artwork is not for sale.

      • Doug

        Its good to see my Uncle. With the passing of his mother my grandmother and his sister Barb and I’m not sure what happened too Milford.

        But it is good too see Harold. Let him know I still have the painting he did for me as a boy.

  7. Jeanne Bogert

    It was lovely meeting you today at the Hyundai Dealership. Your paintings are wonderful and you have inspired me to keep painting!!!


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