Wisdom of Crowds: Bull Weight Winner

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Ron Noble, Roberto Sanchez and Eric Jones

Ron Noble, Roberto Sanchez and Eric Jones

By: Lara Serbin, Buckeye Main Street Coalition

A bull waited in a pen by the Buckeye Rotary Beer Saloon, a dog sat in the dusty shade under a table surrounded by rodeo fans having a few cold ones waiting for Buckeye Days Senior Pro Rodeo to start at 3PM last January 30th, 2016. What makes a crowd guess the weight of a bull? Some say if you ask enough people the same question, they might come up with better answers than even the butcher. Waiting for the winner to collect $500.00 winnings at Jones Ford on Yuma Road just South of Interstate 10, Ron Noble President of Buckeye Main Street Coalition reflected, “I think this is the most entries we’ve ever had.  The crowds were great at the Helzapoppin’ Arena.” The closest guess without going over went to Roberto Sanchez from Goodyear, Arizona who just moved from Mexico 6 months ago.  Sanchez said he went to the Senior Pro Rodeo because, “My wife heard about it from somewhere!”


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